The Concept


This is a site for presenting and offering my work as:

an artist,


workshop leader and

dance videographer/documentation artist.


Artist Statement

I am a maker in a world of bodies and images.

Thinking bodies, sensing bodies, fragmented bodies,

composed bodies, miniature bodies, ill bodies,

bodies in movement and silent bodies..

Movement as poetry, visual sensuality and layered processes of making.

Site, body, and viewer are my sculpting materials.



I am a cross-disciplinary artist (MSc Screendance, BA Dance and Visual Art, Diploma in Sculpture), a certified Somatic Movement Performer recognised by ISMETA and a member of CID (International Dance Council recognised by Unesco).

My tools are fine arts, visual arts and the art of movement for making live performance, screendance and screendance live installations. During the last five years I have been exploring such subjects as digital/live interactivity, kinaesthetic effect, the use of the senses in performance and the relationship between dance and film/video. My aim is to make the audience feel, both physically and emotionally.
I currently live in Brighton (UK) where I am supported by The Nightingale Theatre.

In the past 3 years I have been supported by Scan Agency for Digital and cross-disciplinary work and South East Dance. In the last 2 years I have received 2 Arts Council England Grant for the Arts, and an award of Art in New Spaces by Hastings Council for the production and touring of my public live installation ‘par-A-phrase’ (2010) and of my portable digital performance/installation ‘Wherever I look’ (2012).

At the same time I have been developing:

    • My curatorial practice through a series of ‘live exhibitions’ that is a combination between video installations and live performances in the format of visual art exhibitions, at The Nightingale in Brighton, at Coastal Currents Festival in Hastings and as part of Brighton May Festival 2012, and

  •             A dance videography service for personalized documentation of performance work and its process

I have exhibited/performed in venues such as CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona), Pia Almoina Museum (Barcelona), Athens Biennale, London Biennale, Tate Modern, Teatro Vascello (Rome), Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia (Venezuela), Moves Festival (Liverpool), IDN Festival (Barcelona), The National Conference of Digital Futures in Dance (Bournemouth), the National Review of Live Art (Glasgow), Rich Mix (London), Pavilion Theatre (Brighton),  and Coastal Currents Festival (Hastings) between others.


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